NINER Bikes präsentiert das neue Cross-Country Fully JET 9

NINER Bikes präsentiert das neue Cross-Country Fully JET 9

NINER Bikes präsentiert das neue Cross-Country Fully JET 9 150 150 revolution sports

February Niner Update – New Jet 9 Pics, Niner gear, WFO 9 Racing, Demo Dealers

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Jet 9

Ab April 2010 wird das neue JET 9 mit vielen fortschrittlichen Rahmeneigenschaften verfügbar sein. Die wichtigsten Neuerungen werden hier zunächst auf Englisch zusammen gefasst. Die Übersetzung folgt:

· The next generation JET 9 is stronger and stiffer, and because of this, features better tracking.

· The redesigned Jet 9 is based on FEA standards established via work on our proven frame designs, the W.F.O. 9 and R.I.P. 9.  

· The tapered headtube is at the center of improvements on the Jet 9, contributing to increased stiffness throughout the frame.

· A tapered head tube allows the use of the newest generation of 1.5″ tapered steerer suspension forks, creating the stiffest front end possible – something traditional steerer/head tube combos can’t match.

· A tapered head tube makes room for a massive, hydroformed down tube. This new tube puts up stiffness numbers much higher than that of the original with little to no penalty.

The Jet 9 Redesign Summary:

We really like using hydroformed tubes, they allow much greater stiffness to weight ratio over round tubes on a full suspension bike. When you are carrying so much speed through the chunky sections of trail, a stiffer front end of the bike mated to a tapered steerer suspension fork will:

1. track straighter  2. allow you to carry more speed.

The latest 1.5 tapered 100mm forks allow you to significantly stiffen the front end at the top end of the fork, as well as at the hub via 15mm or 20mm axles if you choose this model. Through testing, the stiffness numbers are too great to ignore and we feel you will see a dramatic increase when you pair these two together on our new JET9.  

Available in Kermit Green, Black Anodized and Vana White. We don’t have photos of the Green or Black yet, but will post them as soon as we do.

Estimated availability is the beginning of April. We are trying to be conservative with this date, and will offer updates as we have them on the Niner Bikes Facebook page.

Additionally, Niner Bikes will offer 4 Reba XX forks for this season:

· Reba TAPERED XX 100mm black 9mm
· Reba TAPERED XX 100mm black 20mm
· Reba TAPERED XX 100mm white 9mm
· Reba TAPERED XX 100mm white 20mm

The new Jet 9 is available for pre-order through your local Niner dealer.
Geometry and technical details are available here:

  The new Jet 9 incorporates a tapered headtube for added stiffness and steering precision:

Jet Detail

 Hydroforming allows us to shape the tubes and optimize strength and stiffness in key areas :

Jet Detail

 New forgings for the chainstay and seatstay yokes provide increased stiffness and strength:

NIner Jet BB

Jet 9 design diagram

The details:

1. Designed around the same award winning CVA™ suspension system found on our other suspension frames, the new JET 9 features 80mm of plush, fully active rear travel via the superb bump compliance and damping of a custom valved FOX RP23 shock.

2. The frame features a 72° head tube angle (based on an 80mm travel fork) and is designed to give the same precise handling as our hardtail frames. The Jet 9 accepts 80 to 100mm forks, allowing riders to fine tune the ride. New to the Jet 9 is the tapered headtube, which, in addition to dramatically increasing steering precision, brings a new level of strength to the frame by offering a larger surface area for a stiffer/stronger downtube to be welded to it. The headset that comes with the frame will accept a straight steerer fork as well.

3. The Jet 9 features hydroformed tubing, already a feature on the R.I.P. 9 and W.F.O. 9 frames, bringing the technology to the Niner cross country frames for the first time. Hydroforming allows us to shape the tubes and optimize strength and stiffness in key areas, giving us the ability to create perfectly tuned frames with the exact ride characteristics we seek for every application. You will find this technology in the toptube, downtube, chainstays and the rear triangle Y-brace.

4. We explored every small detail of the new Jet 9, including re-evaluating the smaller frame pieces. For our final design, we created new forgings for the chainstay and seatstay yokes to provide increased stiffness and strength. These are based on FEA and real world testing we did while re-designing the RIP 9. Forged pieces include: left upper linkage, right upper linkage, left lower linkage, right lower linkage, BB/lower pivot area, seat tube pivot, drop outs (l & r), seatstay yoke and chainstay yoke.

The new Jet 9 is available for pre-order through your local Niner dealer.
Geometry and technical details are available here:

Niner Tech



At Niner, we take testing very seriously – it’s the critical first step to the creation of extraordinary frames. From new testing methods and standards to creating our own proprietary testing jigs to carry out these testing parameters to investing in a full fledged Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software package, Niner has taken testing to the next level. Every new Niner frame goes through a rigorous testing process – in the computer, on testing machines and under our test riders.

It starts in the computer, with a powerful FEA program that gives Niner the ability to test different ideas and concepts before delving into molds or physical samples. We evaluate stiffness and strength and run our frames through a battery of virtual situations that mimic the physical strength and destructive testing we do in the lab. This way, the data from the computer is verifiable, and we can create accurate reports based on the simulation and the real world outcome. It’s the reproduction of the virtual tests in the real world that gives us our raw data.

Finally, riding is always paramount to making an amazing product, and many of the testing methods we have devised and put into our testing protocols have been from countless hours on the trail. The Niner Test Team is made up of people from around the country, different sizes and weights riding different terrain. The feedback we get from the field is logged into a database for each product, and every comment, good or bad, is taken into account. Niner is also owned and operated by riders who are passionate about what they do, and can give their own critical analysis of a frame’s performance. We are our hardest critics. Ultimately, it’s the time on the trail that takes a product from good to great, but there has to be an understanding of the difference, where it comes from, and how to extract that feel from every single frame we make, and testing is the only way to insure we’re doing it the right way.


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