American Classic HURRICANE Laufräder mit ausgezeichneten Testergebnissen beim Test von Gravelgrinder News

American Classic HURRICANE Laufräder mit ausgezeichneten Testergebnissen beim Test von Gravelgrinder News

American Classic HURRICANE Laufräder mit ausgezeichneten Testergebnissen beim Test von Gravelgrinder News 680 655 revolution sports


Beim Test der Website erzielen die neuen American Classic Hurrikane Tubeless Laufräder sehr gute Testresultate.



We have been hammering the American Classic Hurricane Disc wheelset for more than three months now. First, it was Guitar Ted giving them a work out (see his impressions here and here). Then, following the Renegade Gent’s Race, I got my turn with them (read my review here).

Putting the American Classic Hurricane Disc wheels to the test at the 2014 Gold Rush Gravel Grinder in Spearfish, SD.

In short, the more than 1.5 pound weight savings and ultra-smooth big fortune at New Zeland’s casinos
rolling hubs transformed the feel of mySingular Gryphon just prior to my run at TransIowa v.10. It was a change I appreciated for its weight initially, but now after having spent more than two thousand miles on the wheels, what’s more impressive to me is the performance of the wheels.

The Hurricane Disc wheels roll very nicely. They feel fast and for a road-based design they’ve proven durable, despite use in gravel road events that more resembled mountain bike trails than roads. I struggle to say any one component of the wheelset is responsible for this performance, because it’s really the synergy of all of the parts that makes the wheels perform so strong as a whole.

The hubs, for example, use adjustable cartridge bearings, and being a user of older versions of American Classic’s hubs, I knew there was smoothness to be gained by carefully paying attention to bearing preload, and adjusting it to the point where it only just eliminates lateral (side-to-side) play in the hub, no more. Accurate bearing adjustment makes the American Classic hubs feel very fast both while pedaling and coasting. Even after 4-500 wet training and racing miles, the hubs feel even smoother today than they did on day one. That’s quality I appreciate.

Riding through the mud, leading the pack in the early miles of Odin’s Revenge in late-June. The Hurricane Disc wheels performed in these nasty conditions without a hiccup.

The rims are clearly very high quality as well, and at just 400 grams a piece, they’re surprisingly light for non-carbon parts. They’ve required no time whatsoever in the truing stand as well, a credit both to the rims and to the traditional 32-spoke, 3-cross construction and short-butt American Classic spokes. Tubeless performance is fantastic as well. I’ve been able to reliably run even tubed-type tires tubeless on the Hurricane Disc wheelset, including my favorite gravel tire — the Bruce Gordon Rock n Road 43c. Like most tires, it’s a great tire made even better when you run it tubeless with sealant. I never run more than 35psi, and more often 30-32psi. At that pressure they are still fast, but the casings feel incredible.

I really enjoy the feel of the wheels too. They’re stiff and solid, but not jarring or harsh. On a bike that often gets ridden 150 to 300 or more miles at a time, that’s exactly how it should be. In fact, pretty much everything about the Hurricane Disc wheelset is exactly how I feel it should be for a serious gravel rider. And at $849, the wheels are a bargain, even when compared to other wheels in American Classic’s own line. As an example, the $1,499 Argent Disc wheelset saves about 110 grams, but only uses 24 spokes per wheel.

The faultless tubeless performance of the Hurricane Disc wheelset was an asset at Odin’s Revenge. Riders running tubes suffered with flats, while I was able to ride through punctures thanks to the self-sealing nature of the setup.

For a gravel rider weighing more than 150 pounds, I’d recommend the added durability of the 32-spoke Hurricane Disc design. The Hurricane rims weigh just 10 grams more than the Argent’s, so most of the additional weight is in the eight additional spokes per wheel on the Hurricane Disc wheelset. If given the choice and price weren’t an issue, I’d still choose the Hurricane Disc wheelset, so the fact that they’re $650 less expensive is just a bonus.

It’s probably pretty clear that I’ve had a great experience with the American Classic Hurricane Disc wheels. My enthusiasm for their performance has only grown with time, and at this point I have no qualms with giving them my full recommendation for gravel riding. If you’re not beholden to building your own wheels and you’re not yet sold on carbon rims, they are a fantastic choice.


Quelle: Gravlgrindernews Juli 2014

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