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NINER Bikes präsentiert neue Carbon Lenker und verlängert Garantiezeit 800 600 revolution sports

NINER Bikes präsentiert neue Carbon Lenker und verlängert Garantiezeit

New Carbon Bars, New Carbon Warranty, Race Team News, Speedring Coupon

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Niner News
Air 9 Carbon

Die Firma NINER BIKES bringt neue Carbonlenker heraus. Die neuen Lenker wiegen 175 Gramm bei einer Breite von 710 Millimetern und versprechen mit neun Grad Kröpfung erhöhten Komfort. Erhältlich werden die Lenker in vier Farben sein. Vorbestellungen sind erwünscht.

Der Preis liegt bei 159,- Euro in der Carbon Version, die bekannten Aluminiumlenker (250 g bei 710 mm Breite) liegen bei 49,- Euro.

Eine Besonderheit ist die exzentrische Lenkerklemmung, welche die Geometrieverstellung per Drehung des Lenkers erlaubt. Die Carbonlenker lassen sich um +/- fünf Millimeter in der Griffhöhe verstellen, je nachdem in welcher Position der Lenker montiert wird (s. Grafik).

NEU: Erweiterte Garantie für alle NINER Carbon-Produkte auch im Renneinsatz

NINER gibt auf alle Carbonrahmen und -parts ab jetzt eine Fünf-Jahres-Garantie, die auch für bestehende Kunden gilt und den Renneinsatz mit NINER Produkten nicht ausschließt. Das dürfte nicht nur alle Rennfahrer sehr freuen, sondern wird allen Bikern mit NINER Produkten ein gutes Gefühl geben.

Bar Diagram

Quality of this product is very important to us. Flat Top 9 carbon bars are covered by Niner’s new C5 warranty program, our way of saying that you can be confident in our carbon design and testing. Additionally, claimed weight is consistent with actual weight.

These bars are available in 4 color options to match both Niner frames and non-Niner products. Niner Flat Top 9 carbon bars are in stock, ready to ship to USA Niner Bikes dealers, or available in the Niner Store to ship anywhere in the USA. For international orders, please contact your local Niner distributor.

  • 710mm width with markings for cutting down as far as 650mm
  • bar-end compatible
  • carbon-tuned for ride quality
  • +/- 5mm rise via the bar design
  • graphics that look great right side up or upside down
  • 175g weight (full 710mm width)
  • 160g weight (cut down 650mm width)
  • 9º sweep
  • Red, Kermit Green, Moondust Grey and Tang Orange 


Additionally, Niner is pleased to announce that the alloy Flat Top 9 bar is now available in 4 colors, with the same specs as the original model:

  • 7075 T-6 Handlebar
  • 710mm width
  • Cut marks make it easy to trim.
  • 9º sweep for comfortable hand position
  • bar end compatible
  • Red, Kermit Green, Moondust Grey and Tang Orange
  • 250 grams



Due to manufacturing bandwidth/production delays, all 1 1/8 tapered forks in tang, hot tamale, solid gold, root beer, atomic blue, godzilla green, kermit green, moondust grey, will not be available until May. Nude and white finishes are in production, but due to huge demand we will be filling back orders in order they were placed. 

We understand your frustration and please know that we want these forks finished and out to the folks waiting for them, too. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

Niner Tech
Air 9 Carbon

Niner Bikes announces a new five year warranty on all carbon products. This includes the Niner Air 9 Carbon frame, the Niner Carbon fork and the new Niner Flat Top 9 carbon bar.


Niner Bikes is proud of the testing and care we put into the design and manufacture of our carbon products. We feel that the best way to show this is to extend our warranty period to five years on all carbon items – our C5 program. This warranty is retroactive for all owners of Niner carbon products.


Steve Domahidy, Co-founder


Our carbon fiber testing and design rivals the best in the bike industry. Rather than just talking about it, we choose to demonstrate this commitment via a dedication to amazing product testing, frame and component longevity and our new carbon guarantee.

  • Warranty is retroactive for all current owners of Niner Air 9 Carbon frames and forks.
  • Warranty is only available for original product owners with proof of purchase from an authorized Niner dealer, no online auction purchases will be honored.
  • For best service, current unregistered Niner product owners are encouraged to register on the Niner Bikes online warranty registration site. For future purchases, online registration will be required for warranty service.

See our Niner Encyclopedia for complete warranty information.


And for fun, let’s hammer the point home.



Did you know that Niner is one of the few companies who does not void your bike’s warranty if you race?

We think it is important to point out that we are one of the few companies for whom racing is encouraged, and where pinning on a number does not immediately void the warranty. Racing does put more strain on bikes, but we design for that, and want you to feel good about racing your Niner.

So, go get out there and get after it! And while you are at it, post some racing pics on the Facebook page!

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