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Niner 29er Mountain Bikes from Revolution Sports.




Revolution Sports optimiert den Vertrieb für NINER BIKES in Deutschland und Österreich und bietet ab sofort konfigurierbare Wunschbikes, die sogenannten NINER DREAMBIKES an.


NINER DREAMBIKES lassen sich mit Hilfe des neuen NINER Online-Konfigurators leicht auf die eigenen Wünsche anpassen. Sämtliche NINER Modelle können mit verschiedenen Ausstattungsgruppen von Shimano oder SRAM sowie unterschiedlichen NINER Komponenten und Laufradmodellen von American Classic kombiniert werden.

Zum NINER DREAMBIKE Konfigurator:


Die Bestellung der DREAMBIKES ist ebenfalls per Mausklick möglich, wobei die Auslieferung über den offiziellen NINER Händler in der Nähe des Kunden erfolgt.


Die Verfügbarkeitssituation der NINER Bikes und Komponenten ist weltweit sehr gut und wird auf einer Internetseite übersichtlich dargestellt. Zur genauen Überprüfung der Verfügbarkeit von Rahmenfarben oder Ausstattungskomponenten steht die NINER Verfügbarkeitsübersicht jederzeit zur Verfügung.

Verfügbare NINER Modelle hier ansehen:

Fotos zum Herunterladen befinden sich in der Flickr-Galerie:

Revolution Sports präsentiert die neue NINER Modelle ROS, RIP und JET 9 1000 666 revolution sports

Revolution Sports präsentiert die neue NINER Modelle ROS, RIP und JET 9


NINER BIKES veröffentlicht drei neue Bike-Modelle in diesem Sommer: Das Cross-Country Fully “JET 9” mit 100 mm Federweg, das Trail Bike Fully “RIP 9” mit 125 mm Federweg und das All-Mountain Hardtail “ROS 9”.

Alle Modelle sind ab sofort bestellbar und werden Ende August zur Auslieferung bereit stehen.

Die Preise entsprechen den Modellen der Saison 2012/2013. Der ROS 9 Stahlrahmen kostest wie der SIR 9 Rahmen.


Weitere Informationen sind auf den Web-Seiten der einzelnen Modelle jederzeit erhältlich. Bei Fragen stehen auch unsere 29er-Spezialisten per E-mail gerne zur Verfügung:

–> Zum RIP 9 Bike



–> Zum JET 9 Bike



–> Zum ROS 9 Bike



NINER präsentiert das neue RIP 9 All Mountain Bike 1000 679 revolution sports

NINER präsentiert das neue RIP 9 All Mountain Bike

NINER BIKES veröffentlicht das neue Modell des RIP 9 All Mountain Bikes. Zu den Highlights des Bikes zählen der vergrößerte Federweg von 115 mm auf 125 mm sowie das reduzierte Gesamtgewicht des modernen Hydroforming-Aluminium-Rahmens. Details und weitere Informationen zum Modell können dem offiziellen NINER NEWSLETTER unten entnommen werden.

Die ersten NINER RIP 9 Rahmen und Bikes werden voraussichtlich in einem Monat versandbereit sein. Vorbestellungen werden bereits entgegen genommen.

Schon unsere erste Generation des R.I.P. wurde von den fünf größten Fachzeitschriften aus den USA bejubelt und erhielt Auszeichnungen wie „Bestes 29ER des Jahres 2007“. Unsere neue, überarbeitete Version wird ebenfalls sehr gut von den Fahrern und Medien aufgenommen, so dass unser R.I.P. 9 bereits als Referenz der All-Mountain-Kategorie nicht nur unter 29ER Bikes, sondern auch bei 26-Zoll-Bikes angesehen wird.

Unsere eigene CVA™ Federungstechnologie ermöglicht eine sehr effiziente Federung, die in jeder Situation über einen Federweg von 125 mm aktiv und sanft arbeitet. Die perfekte Balance wird gemeinsam mit einer 130 mm Federgabel erreicht.

Der preisgekrönte Rahmen profitiert stark von unseren neuen Design- und Fertigungstechnologien, die bei sämtlichen Rahmenteilen vom Steuerrohr bis zum Ausfallende berücksichtigt worden sind. Bei jedem Detail haben wir uns gefragt, ob wir es noch besser machen können. Vom konifizierten Gabelschaft und verjüngten Steuerrohr über die Hydroform-Rahmenrohre bis hin zu über 10 geschmiedeten Teilen wurde jedes Detail betrachtet und mittels Fenite-Element-Analyse, zahlreichen mechanischen Belastungstests und Einsätzen auf den Trails bis zum Optimum entwickelt. Als Resultat erhielten wir eine steifere Rahmenkonstruktion ohne zusätzliches Gewicht.

Die Fahrt auf einem R.I.P. 9 weckt die Leidenschaft, für die Mountain Biking bekannt ist.

Rider: Kyle Mears / Photo: Ian Hylands


The reputation of the RIP 9 is unassailable – in the six years since its introduction it has helped define the new-school genre of trail ripper both with riders and the cycling press.

So how can it be improved? Keep the attitude, boost performance, shed unwanted weight and build on the legend. The changes to this new beast can’t really be called “evolutionary,” because the word implies a slow process of incremental gains and small strides. That just doesn’t describe the changes to the new RIP 9 – there’s nothing incremental about a kick in the pants. 


The Niner that is at home on just about any trail or any terrain – The RIP 9 incorporates global rider feedback as well as Niner’s rigorous progression of alloy design, engineering and testing standards. The RIP 9 has over 30 glowing media reviews for ride quality and handling – the new RIP 9 takes these characteristics and ups the ante with air formed aluminum alloy tubes that redefine performance, a lower weight, ISCG compatibility and additional travel.









6.85 LBS  / 3107 G W/ FRAME, SHOCK, HANGER
7 LBS / 3175 G W/ 

Airformed Alloy Frame – Shaping the frame tubes with compressed air in a heated mold gives us greater control over wall thickness and material uniformity, allowing the use of less metal. Tubes that are manipulated using this process can be up to 25% lighter than a similar hydroformed shape at the same strength. 
When they rode the original RIP 9, Mt Biking said

“Niner could not have done a better job creating this beauty.” 

Air formed alloy takes the functional aesthetics of the new RIP 9 many steps beyond the original…

To progress as a rider you need predictability, balance and nimble handling. We are proud to be the company that first made these attributes a reality in 29ers. Climbing or descending, the geometry of the RIP 9 is tuned to keep you in control and ready to conquer new terrain at every turn. The RIP 9 is intended for 120 to 140mm forks, allowing riders to further fine tune the ride.


The original RIP 9 won “Best In Class 29er Trail Full Suspension” from What Mountain Bike.
We think the new RIP 9 will be ranked as “Best in Class, period.”
The RIP 9 features Niner’s patented CVA™ suspension (U.S. Patent No. 7,934,739) and delivers 125mm of fully active travel with superb compliance and damping via a tuned for CVA RockShox Monarch RT3 HV shock. For those seeking the technical advantages of 29″ wheels combined with pedaling efficiency across all chainring combinations (not just the middle ring), CVA™ is the front-runner. The result? A faster, smoother ride up and down the trail.
MTBr gave high marks to the original RIP 9, awarding it “Best of MTBr” , 
we can’t wait to share the new RIP 9 with them.
The increased surface area of a tapered headtube allows for a larger downtube, increasing strength and rigidity at this critical intersection. Tapered fork steerer tubes measurably reduce fork deflection, which means your Niner tracks straight and true. The full spectrum of riders from XC racers to All Mountain shredders benefit from these features which is why we incorporate the technology in all our frames.


When they rode the original, Dirt Rag said, 
“Niner’s R.I.P. 9 was a sweet machine that showed its versatility and reliability in varying terrain…”
We’ve migrated this ride quality to the new lighter, longer travel RIP 9.
From the head tube to the rear axle, we looked at every single detail and asked “can it be done better?” We’ve revised the shapes of the forged yokes and attachments, subjecting them to mechanical and real world testing to ensure they’re as light and strong as possible.
New linkage shapes increase strength and stiffness and shed a few more grams, the lower link has a pronounced asymetrical form to make room for ISCG tabs and increased chainstay clearance. Larger pivot hardware and a switch to 8mm alloy shock mounting bolts shave weight and increase the bling we love so much. Saving weight doesn’t mean skimping – pivots are still outfitted with Enduro Max full complement sealed cartridge bearings for smooth, friction-free suspension.
Sweating the details is what makes a bike great, and what enables us to garner 
a “Ser Gut” rating from the toughest reviewer in the world – Bike Magazine Germany. 
We think the new RIP 9 will rank even higher. 

This newest member of the RIP 9 line up will be available for demo across the country, beginning this Thursday at Sea Otter. It is available for order from Niner dealers now, with first frames shipping internationally May 7th. Pricing on this frame has not increased over the original RIP 9 – MSRP $1849 USD. It is also available as a complete bike – full details here.

For complete specs and geometry, see


Rider: Tyson Swasey / Photo: Ian Hylands


We’ve added another color and an additional complete bike option to the RIP 9 RDO. For those of you who who never bet on red – the licorice black RIP 9 RDO has your name on it. 
Every reviewer that has had time on the RIP 9 RDO has had strong praise for the design. It’s a great ride that converts even the hold-outs. Now it is available in 3 complete build options, including the new 5-star build with a Fox 34, XTR and the Licorice Black frame, or in any custom configuration you desire. 
“It pedaled well, sprinted well, climbed well, 
jumped well (rare for 29ers), 
and soaked up all types of hits well.” 
– VitalMTB

The Licorice RIP 9 RDO frames are available for order now, and shipping to dealers on April 17th. See your Niner dealer for details.


Last month we introduced the new 780mm Niner Flat Top Alloy Handlebar, and now, we bring wide bars to our RDO component line. Get the boost in handling without extra weight and with Niner’s C5 warranty. Available for purchase with your Niner dealer or on the Niner store.


  • Available 710mm and 780mm width with cut-down marks
  • Bar-end compatible
  • +/- 5mm rise via Flat Top Design, 9º Sweep
  • 156g (full 710 width) 193 (full 780 width)
  • Rally Blue, Niner Orange, Niner Green, Moondust Grey or Red Color options
  • $99.99 USD 



Yep, it’s that time again. Check the sneak peek above!


We’ve got an incredible custom painted bike to share with you as the start of our annual IMBA fundraising effort. We will reveal the model and design at Sea Otter next week – visit the IMBA booth to take a gander. 


There are only 9 of these special frames and forks, and this year, we will build the first one into a complete bike and give it away to one of the folks who join or renew their IMBA memberships at Sea Otter before Saturday’s IMBA party. SRAM has generously helped us to spec this bike with XX1 – it is an amazing build worth over $6499.00 MSRP.


The remaining 8 custom framesets will go up for auction, world-wide, the first week of May. This year we have partnered with The Pro’s Closet for auction logistics, which will allow our international riders far more reasonable shipping and handing fees than in previous years. We look forward to some healthy competition! Keep an eye on our facebook page for a countdown to the auction and updates on the bidding!


1. Niner demo tour! We are bringing the West Coast Demo tour Van to Sea Otter – we’ll have Jet 9 RDO, RIP 9 RDO and the new RIP 9 for you to check out! Stop by booth 236, say hi and take a Niner for a spin!

2. The MTBr tent is sponsored by Niner this year – go meet your online friends and take part in their raffle for a good cause! A little bird told us that there is an Air 9 frame on offer…


3. We are stoked to have the Jet 9 Carbon as the official MTB of the Yakima Road Warrior program. Look for our first appearance on Yakima’s official vehicles at Sea Otter in Monterey. We’ve also added a couple of Flat Top RDO handlebars to their Spring Giveaway – check in at Yakima’s booth to get your scavenger hunt card and stop by our booth to earn your Niner stamp. 






Mountain biker owned, mountain biker operated and mountain biker run, as an aficionado of the dirt how could you not love a shop driven by passion? Tom Delacy, Geoff Revill and Peter Mollison, owners of Larkspur Bike-n-Bean, have taken their passion for riding and are passing it on to the fortunate riders of the Larkspur cycling community and greater Marin County. The guys have steadily grown from a one room, service only shop, to their present location in Larkspur. They now provide a full line of bikes dedicated entirely to those of us who have a passion to get dirty. The best part… they have focused almost completely on the big wheels with a huge emphasis on Niner.

When it comes to taking care of riders the guys have things dialed. Their mission is to keep riders on the trails for miles of happy riding and their bikes in top shape. With a focus on detail and getting their hands dirty the trio of owners not only play a part in every build and repair they are the sole driving force behind the Larkspur Bike-n-Bean.

If you’re a dedicated mountain biker looking for that perfect tire for the area, brake bleed or suspension overall or merely in the area cruising the bike path behind the shop, stop in hit the espresso bar and check out the Niners on the floor!

Find the shop online at: or like them on Facebook to stay connected for local rides and events. Larkspur has Niner demo bikes available today- contact them to arrange a ride or visit Niner’s Demo Event schedule to catch the traveling demo tour.

Demo Bikes:

RIP 9: Lg, Md 





Nestled in the Green Mountains of Burlington, Vermont, Earl’s Cyclery and Fitness is bringing Niner bikes to a hot bed of Northeast Singletrack. The city and the surrounding area are connected by an intricate network of public and private trail systems and a vibrant cycling community. The nearby Catamount Outdoor Family Center plays host to the longest running training race series in the country and is one of many trail networks in the area. With the passing of the boom in road cycling, mountain biking has been on the rise over the past 5 years in the area and Earl’s has been right in the middle of it all.

The shop is a founding supporter of the Fellowship of the Wheel, the local VMBA chapter, and the trail advocacy and trail growth projects in the area. In addition to Earl’s support of local trail projects, they also offer free basic maintenance clinics on Monday’s throughout the Summer and advanced clinics during the Spring, to local riders.

Niner is excited to be partnering with a shop so dedicated to the community and one involved so intimately with local trail advocacy. As the season gets underway, head into Earl’s to check out the newest Niners and take them for a spin on Earl’s test loop just behind the shop.

Find Salt Creek at: or like them on Facebook to stay connected for local rides and events/\. Contact Earl’s to arrange a ride or visit Niner’s Demo Event schedule to catch the traveling demo tour.


We’ve made significant upgrades to Niner’s dealer locator. It is now easier than ever to find the Niner dealer closest to you and even easier to find your local demo dealers. Check it out and let us know what you think.



Heads up – the Niner offices will be closed April 22 through 25th for a company retreat. In other words, we are taking some down-time to get the whole company together, talk about new projects, ride and drink some beer. If during this period you have a question about your Niner or your future Niner, your local dealer is your best resource, or we will get back to you as soon a the office reopens on Friday.

We appreciate your patience during this important re-charge, and can’t wait to share what we come up with around the campfire.


Niner Demo Bikes feature top-end equipment from our Demo Tour Partners


Niner Demo Tour Partner – American Classic


Niner Demo Tour Partner – Schwalbe


Niner Demo Tour Partner – SRAM


Niner employees are passionate riders who believe that time spent on the trails with friends 
is as important as time spent in the office. Scraped knees, riding tales, and camp fire smell 
in our jackets remind us of our primary goal – building beautiful, dependable bikes that you will enjoy as much as we do.
Thank you, from the Niner Bikes Crew!
All action images – Ian Hylands
RIP 9 and RIP 9 RDO Product images – Michael Darter

Niner Bikes


SRAM XX1 Kompatibilität von NINER BIKES 800 469 revolution sports

SRAM XX1 Kompatibilität von NINER BIKES


NINER Bikes sind kompatibel zur neuen XX1 11-fach Ausstattungsgruppe von SRAM. Details zu den maximal zulässigen Kettenblättern für jedes NINER Modell sind im NINER BIKES HANDBUCH, der sogenannten NINER ENCYCLOPEDIA, als Download erhältlich. Das Handbuch enthält darüber hinaus alle technischen Informationen einschließlich der Geometriedaten und Einbauanleitungen interner Schaltkabel.

Das Handbuch sowie weitere Hilfedokumente und Anleitungen sind hier als PDF erhältlich:


Zusätzliche Revolution Sports Service Downloads

Die Laufradfirma American Classic bietet spezielle XX1 Freilaufkörper zum Nachrüsten aller Mountain Bike Laufräder an. Die Verfügbarkeit wird ab Mitte Februar 2013 in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz gewährleistet sein.

Bei Fragen bitte Kontakt zu uns aufnehmen.


Revolution Sports RiderRacer Co-Sponsoring-Programm 2013 1000 400 revolution sports

Revolution Sports RiderRacer Co-Sponsoring-Programm 2013

Revolution Sports unterstützt mit dem RiderRacer Co-Sponsoring ambitionierte Radsportlerinnen und Radsportler. Das Sponsorship-Programm 2013 umfasst die Betreuung auf unterschiedlichen Leistungsniveaus. Gesponserte Athletinnen und Athleten erhalten Rennräder, 29er Bikes, Laufräder und Komponenten sowie ergänzende Ausrüstungsgegenstände aus der Kollektion von Revolution Sports zu besonderen Sponsoring-Konditionen, die je nach Engagement der Fahrer/innen festgelegt werden.

Zu den Sponsoring-Marken zählen die Revolution Sports Produkte wie American Classic Rennrad und Mountain Bike Laufräder, NeilPryde Rennräder, Niner 29er Bikes, Middleburn Kurbelgarnituren, Orontas Schmiermittel, Zero Flats PlattenKiller Anti-Pannen-Systeme und Wheels Manufacturing Adapterlösungen. Weiterhin können Produkte vieler namhafter Hersteller wie DT Swiss, German A, Ritchey, RockShox, Schwalbe, Shimano, SRAM oder Syntace organisiert werden.

Der Bewerbungszeitraum für das Revolution Sports Sponsoring-Programm 2013 geht bis Ende Januar 2013. Bei Interesse bitte Kontakt über die Internet-Seite aufnehmen.

Mehr Informationen zu den revolutionären Produkten von Revolution Sports sind auf der Internet-Seite unter verfügbar.

Wir freuen uns auf die Bewerbungen!

Team Revolution Sports



American Classic Laufräder mit Top Referenzen und Testergebnissen

NeilPryde BuraSL Rennrad mit Top Referenzen und Testergebnissen




Top Referenzen von Revolution Sports

American Classic Mountain Bike Laufräder von Revolution Sports

Niner Bikes von Revolution Sports

American Classic Rennradlaufräder von Revolution Sports

American Classic Rennradlaufräder von Revolution Sports

Middleburn von Revolution Sports

Orontas von Revolution Sports

RiderRacer von RevolutionSports

Wheels Manufacturing Adapter von Revolution Sports

Zero Flats PlattenKiller von Revolution Sports

Niner Bikes Facebook Seite für Freunde

EMD Vana White
Mehr kleine 29er Größen bei NINER BIKES 960 540 revolution sports

Mehr kleine 29er Größen bei NINER BIKES


Neu: Unsere aktuellen Größenempfehlungen für 29er Bikes werden kontinuierlich erweitert, da wir einige Modelle nun ebenfalls in Größen ab XS bis XL fertigen. In der Tabelle unten können die exakten Maße abgelesen werden.

Entgegen der Annahme, dass 29er Bikes nur für große Fahrer/innen wären, empfehlen wir allen Bikern von 1,53 m bis 2,1 m Körpergröße eine Testfahrt mit einem NINER Bike.

Das “Aha-Erlebnis” ist sicher. Bitte nutzt die folgende Tabelle zur Einordnung Eurer Größe in Bezug auf NINER Bikes.

Bei Fragen stehen wir selbstverständlich jederzeit gerne zur Verfügung!

Größenempfehlungen NINER Bikes von Revolution Sports

NINER AIR 9 RDO Carbon Bike mit sehr gutem Testergebnis im Mountain Bike Magazin 12/2012 1024 750 revolution sports

NINER AIR 9 RDO Carbon Bike mit sehr gutem Testergebnis im Mountain Bike Magazin 12/2012


Nach der Verleihung des EUROBIKE GOLD AWARD während der diesjährigen Fachmesse in Friedrichshafen, erzielt das NINER AIR 9 RDO Carbon Bike mit dem Prädikat “sehr gut” ein Top-Ergebnis in der aktuellen Ausgabe des Mountain Bike Magazins Nr. 12 / 2012.

Das Mountain Bike Magazin hat das Air 9 RDO Modell in der PRO XTR Version mit American Classic RACE 29 Laufrädern getestet und kommt zu folgendem Fazit: “Schwarfes vom 29er Pionier! Voller Vorwärtdrang und mit hitzigem Temperament ist das AIR 9 ein giftgrüner Traum für ambitionierte CC-Racer.”

Zum Online-Konfigurator:

Weitere erstklassige Referenzen für NINER Bikes:





NINER RIP 9 BIKE “SEHR GUT” im Bike Magazin 08/2012 gestestet 1000 400 revolution sports

NINER RIP 9 BIKE “SEHR GUT” im Bike Magazin 08/2012 gestestet


Der aktuelle Test unterstreicht erneut die sehr gute Qualität und Performance unserer Produkte:

In der aktuellen Ausgabe des BIKE MAGAZINS 08/2013 erzielt das NINER RIP 9 All Mountain Bike erneut die Note “sehr gut”!

FAZIT: “Ein besonderes Touren-Bike für technische Trails, aber keine Rennmaschine. Am besten als Custom-Aufbau.”

Weitere Details zum Bike können Sie unserer NINER Internet-Seite entnehmen: Hier klicken!

NINER RIP 9 im Test der Zeitschrift Bike

NINER BIKES stellt sein neues SIR 9 Stahlbike der kommenden Saison vor 150 150 revolution sports

NINER BIKES stellt sein neues SIR 9 Stahlbike der kommenden Saison vor

Die ersten NINER SIR 9 Rahmen und Bikes werden voraussichtlich in vier Monaten versandbereit sein. Vorbestellungen werden bereits entgegen genommen.

Passion. Commitment. 29ers Only.
Niner News




At a time when carbon super bikes (including our own flagship models) dominate the stage, why would Niner shine a spotlight on the S.I.R. 9? Perhaps it’s better to ask “just what is it about steel bikes?” Why, when we get on a steel frame, are we instantly transported back to that first bike we loved as a kid? Why is steel just as relevant today as it was when we started riding?

Like other Ninerds, we ride and love steel bikes, as do bike connoisseurs around the world. But something about steel being equated with retro seems almost unfair. There is simply no reason frames built with one of the best metals on the planet shouldn’t benefit from and take full advantage of cool technologies like updated headsets standards, tapered forks and through-axles.


Introducing the new S.I.R. 9 – All the fun, all the advantages, all the magic. 



  • New proprietary steel tubeset for ideal function and ride quality
  • New custom-bent double-butted Reynolds 853 DZB downtube
  • New 44mm Reynolds 631 head tube allows use of tapered or 1-1/8″ forks
  • New Niner Bio-Centric II Bottom bracket system and removable downtube cable stops for clean singlespeed or geared setup
  • CYA Compatible – run almost any contemporary crank style in geared set up 
  • 142 x 12mm rear Maxle
  • Post mount brake bosses between seatstay and chainstay
  • Investment cast stay bridges and dropouts
  • Tamale Red or Arctic White
Passion. Commitment. 29ers Only.
Passion. Commitment. 29ers Only.




 All steel is not created equal. The S.I.R. 9 tubing is a custom-selected set that utilizes the best tube options for each application within the frame.


For the front triangle, we employ new Reynolds 853 DZB (double zone butting) tubing. Developed for mountain bikes, and specifically 29ers, Reynolds 853 DZB offers two significant advantages:


Downtube Clearance – Fork/frame clearance for 29ers presents unique obstacles because of the relatively high headtube to bottom bracket height. A straight downtube needs to be welded high on the back of the headtube to achieve fork clearance, often requiring either a gusset between the headtube and the downtube or a thicker heavier downtube to achieve desired strength. We worked with Reynolds to bend the 835 DZB downtube expressly for the S.I.R. 9 so the tube can attach lower on the headtube without interfering with the fork crown.


Increased Precision – A lower attachment point for the downtube improves front end rigidity. The Reynolds 853 DZB downtube further differentiates itself from others by incorporating two different butting profiles on the same tube – extra strength at the headtube to reduce torsional flex combined with a butting profile in the rest of the tube that maintains ride quality and avoids weight penalties – strong where we need it, compliant where we want it.


For the stays we incorporate steel custom-bent in 3 dimensions – with investment cast bridges and dropouts – for ride quality and tire clearance. This shaping is proprietary to Niner and is not found on other steel mountain bikes. When combined with the new 142 x 12mm axle, the rear end of the new S.I.R. 9 provides superior power transfer while preserving the special ride quality expected from a steel frame.


Complete the package with Niner’s hardtail geometry expertise and the result is a new frame that is sure to win as many rider’s choice awards and great reviews as has the original S.I.R. 9. 


Passion. Commitment. 29ers Only.
Passion. Commitment. 29ers Only.




The oversized headtube of the S.I.R. 9 allows the use of tapered fork steerer tubes that measurably reduce fork deflection, which means your Niner tracks straight and true. The full spectrum of riders from XC racers to all mountain shredders benefit from these features which is why we incorporate the technology in all our new frames. The S.I.R. 9 Lets you take full advantage of increased steering precision as you carve a corner and descend toward the finish.




The Niner Bio-Centric II makes adjustments easy across a wide range of gears and eliminates the need for adjustable dropouts, giving the cleanest possible solution for singlespeed use. No bolt on hubs, no chain tensioners cluttering your ride, no brake adjustments with gear changes.


Greater Range – The Bio-Centric II offsets the bottom bracket spindle 8.5mm from center, offering greater range of adjustment compared to a traditional EBB setup. More offset is a boon when changing gears without having to change chain length and it allows riders to make more noticeable changes to frame geometry via BB position.  


Reliable Function – Traditional EBB units are held in place with set screws that can become difficult to finely adjust over time, or expansion wedges that can deform the bottom bracket shell of the frame. Split bottom bracket shells that clamp an EBB can stretch or ovalize. The Bio-Centric II avoids these troubles by using two bolts to apply a clamping force on the outside edges of the BB shell, eliminating the possibility of ovalizing or indexing the shell itself. Field tested for over 18 months, secure, quiet, easy to install and adjust, the Bio-Centric II will change your ideas about singlespeed drivetrain setup and maintenance.

Additionally, the S.I.R. 9 is now CYA compatible, enabling you to run almost any contemporary crank style in geared set up. 


Passion. Commitment. 29ers Only.
FEA stress analysis diagram showing stress distribution. BioCentric II (new) disperses forces over a larger area.



While tubing upgrades are the focus of this new design, we haven’t forgotten the details. The new the S.I.R. 9 uses 142x12mm spacing with an included Maxle for added rear-end torsional stiffness, removable downtube cable guides, post mount brake bosses between the chain and seatstay for braking precision and, of course, the Niner headbadge and two great color options for that finishing touch.




The original S.I.R. 9 has garnered many great reviews since its introduction – including MTBr’s Bike of the Year three years in a row – over all other bikes. With these significant updates, we fully expect that the new S.I.R. 9 will achieve the same accolades!

 See below for availability.  

Passion. Commitment. 29ers Only.
Passion. Commitment. 29ers Only.
Passion. Commitment. 29ers Only.
Passion. Commitment. 29ers Only.




The new S.I.R. 9 is available to order now and will begin shipping in 12 weeks. For those who want a S.I.R. 9 sooner, Niner will be auctioning six custom painted IMBA frames with matching RDO forks beginning Tuesday evening, June 19th – available worldwide. All proceeds from these auctions will go directly to IMBA.


“We believe that IMBA supports so many important things – trail access, maintenance and infrastructure that promotes life long commitments to health and exercise on the part of MTB riders. As a company that benefits from the health of cycling culture, it is only right that we contribute. This auction will be the only way to obtain one of the first six new S.I.R. 9 frames in the world.” Chris Sugai – Niner Bikes President


“This is the first time a company has dedicated an entire new bike launch to IMBA’s mission – we truly appreciate Niner’s above and beyond efforts on behalf of building and taking care of mountain bike trails. Niner is an extraordinary example of how a small company can make a big difference for the development of our sport.” Rich Cook – IMBA Development Director


For more information and to participate in the auction, visit our Facebook page.

Passion. Commitment. 29ers Only.
Passion. Commitment. 29ers Only.
Passion. Commitment. 29ers Only.
Passion. Commitment. 29ers Only.
Passion. Commitment. 29ers Only.
Passion. Commitment. 29ers Only.




The guys at Oak Bay Bikes in British Columbia, Canada just sent us a beautiful edit and bike check video. They’ve got their rig set up with a Fox 34 and Sun Ringle Chargers – get the rest of the details in the video and see some beautiful trails and riding, check it out! 


Niner WFO Bike Check
Niner WFO Bike Check



You can grab the identical set up from your dealer – we have great stock on all of our alloy full suspension frames- W.F.O. 9, R.I.P. 9 and Jet 9. Pair them with the perfect fork (choose your poison – FOX 34 + W.F.O. 9 + Sun Ringle Chargers or Jet 9 + Rock Shox SID + Sun Ringle Black Flag!). See your Niner dealer for details.    



Passion. Commitment. 29ers Only.


Passion. Commitment. 29ers Only.




The Ninered world wide community continues to grow and we continue to find great riding in unexpected places. In May, after a stop at the Garda festival in Italy, Chris and Brett made their way to Israel. For several years now, our Israel shops have been telling us about the great riding and the guys were excited to finally check it out!


The first stop for Niner was in Tel Aviv, the capital of Israel. Here we met up with Erez, Eran, Assaf and Moti, the leaders at Niner’s Israeli distributor. For the next five days, this was our home base as we explored the local MTB opportunities. 


Our riding took us to two different trail systems – Ben Shemen, southeast of the city and Alon Hagalil, north of town. In both places, we found beautiful trails that reminded us of our home trails in Southern California – low forest, desert and rocks. May is prime riding season in Israel – the temps were in the 70’s, perfect for us! We were very impressed by the many loops and options in a country that is just a bit larger than New Jersey. 


Passion. Commitment. 29ers Only.
Passion. Commitment. 29ers Only.
Passion. Commitment. 29ers Only.

Some things are universal – post ride beers (thanks to Nimi Cohen), good food (falafel and amazing goat-milk ice cream in this case) and friendly Ninerds. We attended a demo event with over 80 riders, many of whom are already Niner owners. The RIP 9 and Jet 9 are the most popular in Israel, great for the rocky,  technical trails.  


Thanks to Niner Israel and the huge group of people that came out to ride with us and to make us feel so welcome. The hospitality we experience from Ninerds all all over the world amazes and humbles us.

Check out more pics on our Facebook page! 


Passion. Commitment. 29ers Only.

Niner News




For those of you in the Northeast USA hoping to throw a leg over the newest Niner models, we have great news. We have recently added a new demo truck in your region, and will be adding demo tour dates over the next month. See the full list of upcoming demo days here and join our facebook page for notification when we are in your state (we give away a lot of swag on facebook, too!). 


Niner News

Passion. Commitment. 29ers Only.




The Niner Ergon Hayes factory team has been busy this spring. Of late:


* Dejay Birtch won the Transylvannia Epic Singlespeed class – dominating every stage.

* Tim Allen has been racing all over the mountain states –  at the Gunnison Growler, the Golden Short track series, the Teva Mtn. Games and the Ridgeline Rampage.

* Skyler Trujillo, our collegiate racer, has qualified for the Mont-Sainte-Anne and Windham World Cup races – send him your best vibes!

If you see our team riders out on the road or at an event, don’t hesitate to come up and say hi!


Passion. Commitment. 29ers Only.
Passion. Commitment. 29ers Only.

Niner News

Passion. Commitment. 29ers Only.



Pro Cyclery in Las Vegas, Nevada is one of the newest Niner demo dealers. In operation since 1984, this family-owned, family friendly shop combines a high end focus with knowing your name when you walk through the door. 
Owned by Mike and Cheri Tillman, Pro Cyclery has their sights set on being the best mountain bike shop in Las Vegas. They are known for their customer service and knowledgeable mechanics – this is the best place in Vegas for repair or maintenance of the bike you love. 
Pro Cyclery also offers free repair classes – check their schedule of events on
You have probably seen folks from the shop out on the local trails with their Niners – they fully embrace the big wheel at Pro Cyclery! For folks who want to try a Niner, they have a brand new demo fleet – take a Niner out to Bootleg Canyon or the Cottonwood System. Pro Cyclery is happy to provide you with info about all of your local ride options!  


RIP 9: M, L
JET 9: S, M
AIR 9: L


Passion. Commitment. 29ers Only.




In operation since the late 70s, this small, local shop is filled with great stock.
Wood-nWave is owned by Steve Wilson and Kirk Strader – fixtures on the local cycling scene, and all around good guys and locals.

Stop into the shop for directions to one of the most popular trails in Kentucky – they are less than a mile from the northern trailhead of the Canal Loop system – over 40 miles of singletrack! You can also join the friendly, twice weekly, evening MTB group rides – check their facebook
page or for details.

Wood-n-Wave have been Niner Dealers for 4 years. Their first Niner in the shop was a Jet 9, now almost everyone at the shop is on big wheels and are happy to share their experiences with you. Additionally, more than half of the shop-supported grassroots team is riding Niner.

Team Wood-n-Wave is all about spreading the love, which makes them perfect Niner ambassadors – anyone can join as long as they are friendly and do 10 hours of volunteer work on trails or at local cycling events. A quick conversation with anyone on the team (including friendly shop manager, Hailey) shows that this Kentucky crew is truly passionate about supporting cycling in the community!

JET 9: M
EMD 9: L


Passion. Commitment. 29ers Only.
Passion. Commitment. 29ers Only.
Niner employees are passionate riders who believe that time spent on the trails with friends is as important as time spent in the office. Scraped knees, riding tales, and camp fire smell in our jackets remind us of our primary goal – building beautiful, dependable bikes that you will enjoy as much as we do.
Thank you, from the Niner Bikes Crew!

Niner Bikes

Niner Custom Bikes – Jetzt sind Traumbikes mit Wunschausstattung von verfügbar 1000 400 revolution sports

Niner Custom Bikes – Jetzt sind Traumbikes mit Wunschausstattung von verfügbar


Revolution Sports freut sich, nun komplette Premiumbikes der Marke NINER aus den USA anbieten zu können. Es gibt eine Vielzahl an Konfigurationsmöglichkeiten, um alle individuellen Wünsche zu erfüllen. Durch die Wahl der Rahmenfarbe, der Ausstattungskomponenten, den Laufradsätzen und Gabalvarianten entstehen exklusive Custom Bikes, welche sich deutlich von den Massenprodukten anderer Hersteller abheben. Die tägliche Freunde beim Fahren oder Ansehen ist dadurch vorprogrammiert.

NINER Custom Bikes bieten die optimale Symbiose aus sorgfältig entwickelten NNINER 29er Rahmen und ausgewählten Komponenten der besten Komponentenhersteller der Welt. Zu unseren wichtigsten Partnern zählen die Marken American Classic, Crank Brothers, DT Swiss, German A,, Ritchey, RockShox, Schwalbe, Shimano, SRAM, Syntace, Thomson und Zero Flats.


NINER Bikes sind in unterschiedlichen Farben und Ausstattungsvarianten lieferbar. Es gibt momentan drei mögliche Komponentengruppen, welche auf den Systemen des Komponentenherstellers Shimano basieren: Shimano SLX, Shimano XT und Shimano XTR. Diese Ausstattungsgruppen erhalten stets sämtliche Antriebs-, Schalt- und Bremskomponenten einer Gruppe. Zusätzlich können die Bikes durch verschiedene UPGRADES an die individuellen Bedürfnisse angepasst werden. Hierzu zählen verschiedene Gabeloptionen, Laufradvarianten und Materialien (Aluminium oder Carbon) bei den Komponenten wie Lenker und Sattelstützen.

SONDERWÜNSCHE sind ebenfalls durch die Revolution Sports NINER BIKES Manufaktur realisierbar. Sollten Sie eine besondere Ausstattungskombination wünschen, dann kontaktieren Sie uns bitte per E-mail. Wir stehen Ihnen jederzeit sehr gerne zur Verfügung, Ihr Traumbike zu realisieren.

Die Preise können dieser Übersicht entnommen werden:

Informationen zu allen NINER Bikes sind hier erhältlich:
NINER Bikes Details und Geometriedaten