NeilPryde Zephyr Rennrad

The ZEPHYR shares the same DNA as the rest of the NEILPRYDE range – bikes designed to be raced at the highest level. The front triangle is made from C6.7 carbon fiber and incorporates many of the same features developed for the race proven ALIZE and BURAsl.

OTP Comfort technology was first introduced in the BURAsl, and was the key factor that allowed the BURAsl to achieve the necessary vertical compliance without sacrificing stiffness. The concept has been further developed in the ZEPHYR with the unique tube profiles utilized in the seat stays and fork. Subtle shaping of the seat stays running into the seat tube, combined with specific carbon layup, increases the damping effect of the rear triangle. The curved fork blades absorb vibrations from uneven roads in order to maintain comfort during the longest of races and stability under braking and cornering.


The ZEPHYR geometry has been modified from that found on the ALIZE and BURAsl to include a slightly higher head tube to put less strain on your back and neck, a longer wheelbase and a shorter top tube. It’s the right way to get most riders, including many professionals, in the right position. With no need for high-rise stems or spacer stacks, the look is nothing but pro.Vertical compliance, stable handling and efficient power transfer are key factors whether you are a seasoned pro or a weekend warrior. The ZEPHYR raises the enjoyment of cycling for riders of all levels.
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Rennrad mit angepasster Konfortgeometrie für optimale Langstreckenqualitäten und hohe Dauerfahrgeschwindigkeit

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